V. System Security

In this chapter we will learn about how PeopleSoft applications are secured prior to, during and after authentication of users. While the user’s access within the PeopleSoft system is controlled by the access granted to the user profile, the system wide security features provide ability to improve user experience by using industry standard security protocols for authentication and encryption.

Aspects for System Security include:

  • Authentication Process and related IDs: How are user credentials validated before allowing them to access PeopleSoft
  • Password controls: What password complexities are enforced when updating passwords for users
  • LDAP Authentication: Allows the users to login with user id and password configured in a different enterprise directory system
  • Self Service Password Reset: Allows users to reset a forgotten password via self- service page
  • Web Profile: Configuration options that control PIA website behavior

There are few other security features provided by PeopleSoft that will not be covered here as they require expert level knowledge in technologies out of the scope. A few major features are listed below:

  • Encryption and Digital certificates
  • Web Services security
  • Single Sign-on
  • SSL

PeopleTools: Security Administration PeopleBook provides useful information on these features. There are also several Red Papers available at download.oracle.com website for those who are interested in these features.

1. Authentication Process and related IDs

2. Password Controls

3. LDAP Authentication

4. Self-Service Password Reset

5. Web Profile