VI. Row Level Security – PeopleSoft HCM

Data Security, otherwise known as Row Security, controls the filters for the data that the user can see in PeopleSoft components. For example, a regional HR manager responsible for employees in North East region should only be able to see the employees that work in the offices located within the designated North East region while the regional HR manager for Mid-West region is restricted to employees within the designated Mid-West locations. Both these HR managers may have the same functional security access granting them access to the same pages. However, the list of employees they can pull up in these pages is filtered by the Data Security access granted to them.

PeopleSoft HCM provides for securing the following data types with data security functionality:

  • People
    • Employees
    • Contingent Workers
    • People of Interest with Job records (POI – w/ jobs)
    • People of Interest without Job records (POI – w/o jobs)
  • Departments
  • Job Openings

When a user navigates to a PeopleSoft page with sensitive information, he/she is presented with a search page. The user enters the search criteria for the data he/she wants to access. When PeopleSoft retrieves the requested data, it matches the user’s data permission security to the transactional security of the data in the search view. Only the rows whose transactional security data matches with the user’s data security are displayed in the search results. Since there is no way for user’s to bypass the search page for the secured pages to access the actual pages, the system effectively shuts the user out from being able to see the data that he/she does not have data permission for. A similar procedure is used to secure data in Queries and processes.


Figure VI‑1 Data Security in PeopleSoft HCM