IV 5. User Profiles – Miscellaneous

5.     User Profiles – Miscellaneous

The User Profiles component has a few other tabs that were not discussed above. These tabs are not used for administering security in the PeopleSoft but provide the security administrators with tools to help maintain the permission lists.

A.     Links:

If you need to access other components regularly when working on a role, use the security links page to setup direct links to such components for the roles.

Page used to setup security links:

PeopleTools >> Security >> Security Objects >> Security Links >> User tab

** Newer versions of PeopleTools have a more advanced feature called ‘Related Content’. Refer to the PeopleTools Portal Technologies PeopleBook for more information on setting up Related Content links.

B.     Audit:

Audit tab provides information on the last change made on the User Profile. You can see the user id which made the last change along with the date and time when the last change was made.

** For more comprehensive information on the actual changes made, set up record level auditing for all tables in the User Profiles component.

C.      User ID Queries:

PeopleSoft provides several delivered queries that can be used to query various access information related to the User. These queries provide information like the user’s roles, permission lists that are assigned to these roles, along with all the different access granted to the user via roles and permission lists. The queries are helpful when troubleshooting or researching access issues.