IV 4. User Profile – Workflow

4.     User Profile – Workflow

The PeopleSoft workflow technologies do a good job in routing the workflow items and notifications to the right user based upon various conditions that they have been configured for. However, the intended user is not always available to perform the task assigned through the workflow. He/she may want to delegate the responsibility to someone else either temporarily while going out on vacation or permanently to a subordinate as regular responsibility. The Workflow tab in User profile provides the security administrator the ability to setup the workflow routing preferences for a particular user based upon a direct request from the user or any other applicable approval methodology.

Primary Record: PS_ROLEXLATOPR


Figure V‑6 User Profiles – Workflow

Alternate User ID: Enter the user profile ID to which the workflows should be routed to instead.

From Date/To Date: The start and end dates during which the workflow items should be routed to the designated alternate user id. Leave the To Date blank if this delegation is permanent (not recommended)

Supervising User ID: Enter the user id for the supervisor that the system uses when it needs to assign (or escalate) workflow items assigned to this user. In PeopleSoft HCM, this field is not available since the system automatically uses the supervisor ID from the employee’s job record.

Routing Preferences: These settings effect the main user ID being updated, not the alternate user ID. At least of the check boxes is required to be enabled for PeopleSoft workflow to assign the workflow items to the user. If both are turned off, PeopleSoft will ignore this user profile when assigning workflows.

Worklist User:  Select this check box if you want the PeopleSoft workflow to assign workflow items to the user’s worklist. In situations where the user is a PeopleSoft power user and receives several workflow items everyday, they might not want to receive an email every time a new workflow is assigned to them. All the pending workflow items are listed in the user’s worklist which they can check periodically throughout the day.

Email User: Select this check box if you want the PeopleSoft workflow to send an email notification to the user when a workflow item is assigned to them. In situations where the user is an occasional PeopleSoft user and does not frequently receive workflow items, it may be appropriate to notify the user of the pending workflow instead of requiring the user to login into PeopleSoft to check for pending workflow items in worklist.

Re-assign work to: This check box effects the existing workflow items already assigned to the user profile. There may be situations when the user is not able to attend to the workflow items assigned to him/her in a timely manner. In such cases, the administrator can re-assign the workflows assigned to this user id to someone else per the appropriate approvals.

** The recommended best practice is to re-assign all the existing workflow items to the Alternate User ID when setting up the workflow re-routing for a user because the Alternate User ID is only applicable for any new workflows and not the existing workflows that are already assigned to the main user ID.