II 4. Sign-On Times

A.     Introduction to Sign-On Times

The Sign-On times feature is used when you want to allow or restrict users to be able access the PeopleSoft system during specified times or day of the week. The user will only be granted access to the system if he/she has access to at least one permission list with a valid sign-on time for the time access is being attempted. Once logged in the system, the user’s session will automatically expire when the end of allowed sign-on time is reached.

For example, a company might want to allow Human Resources users to only be able to access the system during the business hours of week days only while allowing the self-service users to access the system at all times. In this case, Human Resources users will be granted a permission list that list the sign-on times between 08:00 to 17:00 for Monday through Friday, while the permission list granted to self-service users will have the sign-on times listed 00:00 to 23:59 for Sunday through Saturday.

This functionality is also useful when there is a need to lock out the users during system maintenance or down times. All the permission lists, except the permission list for specific allowed users, can be updated to no sign-on times, during such periods like payroll processing or during nightly batch processing times.


B.     Assign Sign-on Times to Permission List (PSAUTHSIGNON):

  1. Navigate to Permission Lists page and open the permission list you want to assign the access to.
  2. Once in the Permission list, go to the Sign-On Times tab.
  3. In the Sign-On Times grid, select the day of the week to which you want to allow the system access.
  4. Enter the Appropriate Start Time and End Time (in 24 hrs format) during which time, the user should be allowed to access the PeopleSoft application.
  5. By default, PeopleSoft grants all days and all times access to the permission lists. Be sure to delete the sign-on times for the days that you do not want the users to access the PeopleSoft application.


Figure III‑14 Permission List – Sign-on Times

** Since the default sign-on times for all permission lists is set to allow access at all times, it is important to assign the sign-on times to the appropriate permission lists and delete them from all others. When a new permission list is created in the system, the sign-on times need to be removed to avoid all times access being inadvertently granted to the users.

** If you need to different periods of access on the same day of the week, add two different rows with authorized times for each allowed period without overlapping times.