II 8. Securing Personalization Options

A.     Introduction to Personlizations

In the recent versions of PeopleTools, PeopleSoft has provided a way for the business users to tweak the look and feel of the application to meet their usage needs. For example, the end user can change the Date format, Local Time Zone, application warnings and several other features to personalize the user experience. The various aspects of PeopleSoft that can be personalized are listed under different categories in the ‘My Personalizations’ page. Access to this page is controlled like any other PeopleSoft page. Typically you would not want the occasional self-service users to be able to personalize their interface since they generally require more hand-holding. Changes to user interface behavior for such users would result in more support calls and costs. Standard, agreed upon settings should be enabled at the system level and provided for this user set. However, the power business users who use the PeopleSoft application on daily basis can save time and effort in their daily jobs by being able to change some system default behaviors to their preference. Even for this user set, it is possible to selectively enable which of the default settings are available for the user, through their permission lists, to be able to change from the default system settings.

The different settings that are available for users to personalize are categorized into 4 categories:

  1. General Options: Accessibility features, spell check, page cache duration, etc.
  2. Regional Settings: Date and time formats, time zone, week start date, etc.
  3. System and Application Settings: Save confirmation and Save warning message boxes
  4. Navigation: Auto-complete, tab over, tab order, menu sort and collapse, max rows etc.

** Refer to the PeopleSoft Application User’s Guide PeopleBook for full list of options in each these categories.


B.     Enable Personalizations for permission list

  1. Navigate to Permission Lists page and open the permission list you want to enable the personalizations to.
  2. Once in the Permission list, go to the Personalizations tab.
  3. In the Personalization Options grid, select ‘PeopleTools’ from the Option Category level drop down menu.
  4. Select the appropriate Option Category group from the Option Category Group drop down menu.
  5. Click on the ‘Edit Options’ hyperlink that becomes available.
  6. On the Personalization Permissions page, select ‘Allow User Option’ check box for the options that you want the user to be able change in their ‘My Personalizations’
  7. Click OK and save the permission list.


Figure III‑21 Permission List – Personalizations



Figure III‑22 Permission List – Personalizations – Personalization Permissions

** User Personalization options do not pose any security risk to the system. However, it should be noted that allowing users to change all personalization options freely could result in undesired system behavior for the users and potentially result higher support costs.

** As of now, the only Option Category level that has available personalizations is PeopleTools, even though other options are available in the drop down list, PeopleSoft did not make any personalizations available for those options yet and could possibly become available in future releases.