II. Function Security – Permission Lists

Permission lists are the basic building blocks for PeopleSoft security. Access to various PeopleSoft pages, programs, queries, etc., is added at the permission lists level that are eventually granted to the user profile through one or more roles. Understanding of all features of permission lists is of primary importance to design a secure and efficient security model.

Navigation: PeopleTools >> Security >> Permissions & Roles >> Permission Lists

Primary Record: PSCLASSDEFN

two Figure III‑ 1 Permission List Definition –A



Figure III‑2 Permission List Definition – B

As you can see in the screen shot above, a permission list can be used to assign security for various aspects of the PeopleSoft application. You will learn about each component of the application, what they are used for, and how to effectively secure them using PeopleSoft permission lists.

In the sections below, we will go through different aspects of Permission Lists

1. Securing PeopleSoft Pages

2. Securing PeopleTools

3. Securing Processes

4. Sign-On Times

5. Securing Component Interfaces

6. Securing Web Libraries

7. Securing Web Services

8. Securing Personalization Options

9. Securing Query Access

10. Securing Mass Change Access

11. Permission Lists-Miscellaneous

12. Maintain Permission Lists