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Thank you for visiting my blog. I have dedicated my career to Security Administration and Access controls in PeopleSoft. Over the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to work at several private and public organizations as PeopleSoft security specialist. This blog is my humble attempt to share the knowledge and experience with anyone willing to learn or just looking for a quick guide on the various security and access control features of one of most commonly used ERP applications in the world.

Click on the links below and navigate through the chapters I have put together for understanding security and access controls in PeopleSoft ERP application.

I. Introduction to PeopleSoft Security

II. Function Security – Permission Lists

       1. Securing PeopleSoft Pages

       2. Securing PeopleTools

       3. Securing Processes

       4. Sign on Times

       5. Securing Component Interfaces

       6. Securing Web Libraries

       7. Securing Web Services

       8. Securing Personalization Options

       9. Securing Query Access

     10. Securing Mass Change Access

     11. Permission Lists-Miscellaneous

     12. Maintain Permission Lists

III. Function Security – Roles

      1. Roles – Permissions Lists

      2. Dynamic Roles

      3. Roles – Workflow

      4. Distributed Role Administration

      5. Roles – Miscellaneous

      6. Maintain Roles

IV. Function Security – User Profiles

       1. User Profile – General Information

       2. User Profile – ID

       3. User Profiles – Roles

       4. User Profiles – Workflow

       5. User Profiles – Miscellaneous

       6. Maintain User Profiles

V. System Security

1. Authentication Process and related IDs

2. Password Controls

3. LDAP Authentication

4. Self-Service Password Reset

5. Web Profile

VI. Row Level Security in PeopleSoft HCM

1. Security Join Tables

2. Designing Row Level Security in HCM